Beneath the tab settings you choose which of the earlier created publishing flows should be activated for the current page. You can choose to inherit, stop the inheritance, to use a new publishing flow for the current page and underlying or to not use a publishing flow at all for the page.
Screenshot of the tab settings


Inherit publishing flow

Inherits the publishing flow from above in the structure.

No publishing flow

Stops the inheritance of publishing flow from above in the structure.

Use publishing flow for this page and underlying

Stops the inheritance and you select a new publishing flow in the drop list.

Use selectable publishing flows for this page and underlying

Here you can add the flows that should be available for selecting on the pages. E.g. you might have several flows for a branch and the editor might want to choose which of the selectable flows to use. The publishing flow can also have authorization control.

Screenshot of the publishing wizard

This function requires the right "Manage publishing flows".

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