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Image upload

Image upload is used to upload images to the image archive via a form. The person uploading images does not need to be logged in to the editor in SiteVision.

When uploading a new image, you can also add an image description (metadata) as well as other required metadata that is in the images folder.

First, you have to scroll to the image to be uploaded.

Image upload

Then click on the Continue button. You will see a page to confirm that you want to upload this particular image. Click Back if it is not the correct image, click Finish if it is correct.


After clicking Finish, a message appears stating that the image has been added. To continue uploading images, click the Add another image link.

Image added

Upload image with metadata

If you have metadata on the images, you can also fill these in when uploading images.

Bilduppladdning med metadata

 This module requires that you have an Image upload license.

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