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Deploying portlets in SiteVision

Since SiteVision is a portlet container you can develop and deploy your custom JSR 286external link, opens in new window portlets in SiteVision.

You deploy your portlet in SiteVision by dropping your war file in the webapps folder. The deployment folder is typically found here:

  • Linux: /opt/sitevision/tomcat/webapps
  • Windows: <SiteVision installation folder>\tomcat\webapps

Note! The very first time your portlet is deployed, a SiteVision reboot might be needed due to class loading issues on some platforms (this problem only regards hot deployment). Once your portlet is properly deployed, you can re-deploy your portlet without any reboots.

Note! (Classic mode) If your portlet doesn't show up in any portlet selector, you might need to clear your browser's java plugin cache and restart the browser.

SiteVision edition! This function requires the Portal or Enterprise edition of SiteVision (or a Developer license).

The page published: 2015-11-04

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