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Site settings

Site settings contain the central settings for the website you are on. Here, if you have a higher level of permissions, you can, among other things, make security settings, set appearance and website addresses.

You can access the website settings from all pages in the structure, assuming that you have the appropriate permission.

View of the menu under Edit where you see Site settings.
Site settings overview.

When you open the Site settings dialogue box, the website will be locked for editing by other users. This means that only one user at a time can make site settings.

At the top of the dialogue box you can find important information about the page you are on. For example, the Blue Ribbon shows if the website is locked for editing, and if your change needs to be published to get through for the visitor.

Site settings -  blue band showing if a page is locked for editing.


The Website settings dialogue box is divided into categories, which in turn are divided into several different panels for settings for the website. The categories are General, Appearance, Personalisation and Security.

Panel overview

At the top left you will find the Panel overview icon. You can get back to the overview of Website settings via this icon.

Panel overview in Site settings.

Select panel

Click on the magnifying glass to search among the settings and available panels. You can search by panel name and content. For example, if you want to set the primary address for the website, you can search the word "address" to see which panel you are making settings in.

Select panel.

This function requires you to have "Manage website settings" permission

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