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Panels Advanced security

In the Advanced security panel, you can make settings for X-Frame-Options. Here you can read more about X-Frame-Options. External link, opens in new window.

This setting is about protecting oneself against someone else including your content in an IFRAME. This can be a potential security risk in the form of clickjacking.

Advanced security
  • SAMEORIGIN - If you allow X-Frame-Options for the same domain
  • DENY - Does not allow X-Frame-Options
  • ALLOW-FROM - To specify the IP address to which you want to allow X-Frame-Options
  • Do not use X-Frame-Options headers - If you do not want to use this setting at all, i.e. that everything should work as it did before SiteVision 4.3.

This function requires you to have "Manage developer functions" permission

The Advanced security panel can be found on the items:

  • Properties for a page
  • Properties for a group page

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