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Edit mode

We are behind the scenes of your website, where the sidebar on the left-hand side, the work area in the middle and the toolbar at the top together make up the editor.

In the editor, you can view, create new, and edit your existing content. You will be able to administer central settings for the website, as well as all the functions that come with SiteVision.

Edit mode in SiteVision 4

Menu selection and editing area

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Verktygslist i SiteVision 4


The sidebar on the left-hand side contains important functions for searching content, accessing work history, viewing the content tree, creating new content, and publishing. The sidebar can also be expanded with more functions, depending on where you are in the structure. All the work you do in SiteVision is automatically saved. A green hand in the sidebar indicates that the page has been saved.

Editing area

The editing area in the middle is where you create, customize and change the content of your pages. The workspace is divided into content areas, where you can add, remove, and modify content and template areas that are controlled by the template.


The tool bar in the upper part of the browser allows you to access various functions and settings in the tool.

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