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In Administration mode, you will find some of the settings that were previously found under Properties on SiteVision Server. Settings and monitoring have been modernised and improved. Administration mode includes a common event log for system events, logs, settings for clustered environments, webdav, jmx, and you can test the server's write speed.

Under Dashboard, you can see if the server is having memory or CPU problems at present. The graph shows the last minute. Here you can also test how fast the server is.


Benchmark Cassandra read and write

If you click the Measure button, the system writes to Cassandra and measures how long it takes. Keep in mind that clusters run slower as writing occurs to all nodes.

The value that is most interesting is the throughput on the small writes (100k 500 times) because we mostly make smaller writes in SiteVision.

You will not access the setting if the site is located in SiteVision Cloud.

You need to log in with the system user to access this feature.

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