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Tag cloud - General


Tag cloud type

Choose how to show the tag cloud, such as a cloud or list.  

  • Show as cloud - Cloud means that the tags are shown irregularly with different sizes and different spacing between words.
  • Show as list - Such as a regular list, one word per line. However, the words are different sizes depending on their frequency.
Tag cloud

Tag cloud

Tag list

Tag list

Tag cloud results

You can chose a tag cloud result module that can show the result.


Limit number of tags shown

Setting to limit the number of tags shown in the tag cloud. The default setting is 20.

Show number of hits per tag

Tick to print the number of pages marked with a tag.

Show number of hits per tag

Show number of hits per tag



Select alphabetical to show the result in alphabetical order.

Sort by weight

If you sort by weight, the tags that appear most frequently appear at the top.

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