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Single Logout SAML

In Sitevision there is support for SingleLogoutService via SAML, below are instructions for what is required to make it work.

First of all, your IdP must be configured to send SingleLogoutService information with your IdP metadata. How this part is set up depends on which IdP service you currently use and information about this is provided in the SAML protocol.

When your IdP is configured so your IdP metadata contains a SingleLogoutService with accurate log off information, you need to update your IdP metadata in Sitevision (under the login filter) so these two match exactly. This needs to be done simultaneously and in one fell swoop, because when your metadata no longer matches, the SAML connection will not work. When these two IdP metadata match and SingleLogoutService with accurate logoff information is in them, SAML and Single Logout via Sitevision will work.

NOTE! Remember that the IdP metadata must match that in Sitevision, otherwise the SAML connection will stop working.

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