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Panel Virtual groups

Here you can add virtual groups that do not have anything to do with LDAP. This is useful:

  • If you have developed your own JAAS module where you want to match the login to anything other than LDAP (e.g. a database).
  • If you have made an SAML connection
  • If you use CAS as the login method, all users who log in with this method will belong to a virtual group called CAS. (The identification name must be CAS for the virtual group).

It requires that you upload your virtual groups to the server if you are using SAML and are to log on to several different websites on the server.

In SiteVision Cloud, you create Virtual groups via Website settings -> Virtual groups.

Virtual groups


To add a virtual group, click the Add virtual group link. A new view appears:

Add virtual group


The working name used for the virtual group in SiteVision.


Here you fill in the name used in the JAAS module to which the login will be matched.


If you want to complete a description of the virtual group.


Here you can create virtual groups that are assigned to the user based on different criteria in the directory service when the person logs in. Tick the box to assign a membership based on a criteria.

Click the Add criteria link to add a directory criteria, address criteria, or attribute criteria.



Select the virtual group from the list and click the minus button on the right.


To change something on the virtual group, click on the change icon to the right or double-click the name in the list.

This requires you to use the log in module Virtual groups (read more about this on the Login panel).

Virtual groups is an additional function that is included in Portal and Enterprise.

You will not access the setting if the site is located in SiteVision Cloud.

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