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Directory services

SiteVision uses directory services to authenticate users and their rights in the system. You can set up one or more catalogues on the server item. These directories can then be enabled on the respective website on the server. The directory service must conform to the LDAP standard.

Directory service

Directory service

Custom directory service

Organisations with a custom external directory service can pair it with SiteVision to login to the editor or for read access on an intranet. A major advantage of using a custom directory service is that users can then log in with the same data regardless of whether it is in SiteVision or any other system. Even the administration of users is easier because you only need to do it in one place; in the custom directory service.

Add directory service

When you click on the link Add directory service you can choose Custom directory service or Internal directory service.

Add directory service

If you have already added an internal directory service, this selection will not appear, but you will be taken directly to the Custom directory service option.

Multiple directory services on the same server

You can have multiple directory services on a single server. If a user is added to more than one of the directory services, the first user item that matches the username will be used to authenticate the login. The search is done from above in the directory services. This means that directory services need to be in a certain order for users who are in multiple directory services to log in. Move a directory service in the list by dragging and dropping it to the correct location.

SiteVision Portal or SiteVision Enterprise is required to add several different directories, known as Multiple directories.

Delete directory service

To delete an existing directory service, select the current directory service in the list, and then click the cross on the right.

A new window opens asking if you are looking to delete the directory service:


If you delete the directory service, the users’ names will be printed (for example, by Page manager). The information remains, but you cannot reload new information from the directory.

A deleted directory service on the server item will appear as greyed out and with a red cross on the websites where the directory service is posted.

Inactive directory service

You can disable a directory service. It is then not possible for the users to log in. The directory service can be disabled if you have a problem with the directory service connection or if for some reason you want to prevent users from logging in at a particular time.

Double-click on the directory service in the list, or select the Change icon to the right of the selected directory service. A new view will appear where you can choose to tick "Inactive":

Inactive directory

An inactive directory appears with a strikethrough in the list of directory services:


You will not access the setting if the site is located in SiteVision Cloud.

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