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Image vault

Inställningar bildbank


Under Images, designate the folder that is the basis for the image vault. Click on the image icon and designate the existing folder in the image archive. The folder (and its contents) that you want the Image vault to display must have the setting to display in search results.

If you do not designate a folder, images are downloaded from the entire image archive, which can be a bit heavy.

Image filters

You can set different filters under Image filters. There are two existing filters:

  • Original image shows the original size
  • Web-friendly image shows the images with a maximum size of 800*600px.

If you double-click or select a filter and click on the update icon, you can see what presets the different image filters have.


If you want to set custom sizes on your images, you can delete the existing two image filters and create new ones. To delete an image filter, select it and click on the cross on the right. Click on the Add image filter link to add a new image filter.


Style sheet for image description

Here you can select the style sheet that the image description will be printed with.


Show search field

Click to display search fields in the module. A search module appears where you can look for metadata such as category, file name, or other metadata associated with the image.


Category browsing

If you want a list from where you can browse the different categories, tick the "Show function for category browsing" box and select the metadata fields you have set for categories (see quick guide).

Select Modern house to display all the images in the folder that you designated that is marked by the metadata Category: Modern house.

Modern category

If you click on a thumbnail, a detailed description appears where you see more information about the image, and you can download the different image sizes you have set. Here you can download the image directly or select images with "Add to basket" to download all the images you are interested in at once (in a zip file).


Show image description

To display a caption below the images, tick the "Show image description" option and select the metadata you need to create in the same way as categories. You can use the Description metadata that is pre-created on all images.

As a result, a caption appears below the images, where there is a caption (see above).

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