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Add image filter

You use the Add image filter link to create a new image filter. A new view appears:

Add image filter

Editorial information


Name of the image filter. Will appear as in "Image vault settings" under Image sizes.


A short description of the filter relevant to the editors. Optional.


Keep original size

If you tick this, the original size is retained regardless of the size you have specified below.

Max width

To specify a maximum width for the images.

Max height

To specify a maximum height for the images.


Keep height-width relationship

If you tick this, the height-width is retained regardless.

If you want to add an image filter where the images are a maximum of 400 pixels wide, enter Max width 400 and exaggerate the height to, for example, Max height 1000 and tick the Width-Height ratio box if you want the image proportional.

Add watermark to image

If you tick this option, you can browse for a transparent image that is placed on the rescaled image as a watermark.

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