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The Image module is used to lay an image out on the page. Image is always easily accessible as a shortcut in the toolbar.

Add image

The Image module is available as a quick selection in the Toolbar

All images to be shown on the website in the image module must be in the Image archive or in Page images. In the image settings dialogue box, you can also create folders for a clear structure in your image archive. From the dialogue, you can also delete images that are then moved to the recycling bin.

In the image module, you can edit images, create links, and add caption texts. You can also create "rollover" effects, that is, display a different image when the site visitor hovers the cursor over the image.

The image module supports the following formats:

  • gif
  • jpg/jpeg
  • png

In order for the images to be used on the website, they are required to be in RGB format. Most images are in this format, but some images that are made for printing can be in CMYK format and must be changed to RGB to be displayed.

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