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The Rating Panel

In the Ratings panel you set the rating types to be used on the website in the Rating module.


There are two pre-created types: Five stars and Yes/No. If you want more variants, such as three stars, you can set these up by clicking the Add rating type link.

A new view is displayed.

Lägg till betygstyp

Editorial information


Name the rating type

Rating type

There are two types: Stars and Yes/No (thumbs up/down)


If you set 5 stars for example, five grey stars appear. When the visitor hovers the mouse cursor over the stars, they turn yellow.

If the visitor wants to vote for 4 stars, the visitor marks four stars and clicks enter. The stars then turn red.

Rösta med stjärnor

If you set Yes/No, a thumbs up and a thumbs down will appear. If the visitor wants to vote Yes (green thumb up)/No (red thumb down) then the visitor marks the desired option and clicks Enter.

Rösta ja/nej

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