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Right click on a module in edit mode

When you right-click a module in the editing area, you get the menu from which you can make settings in the module, flow, decoration, delete or access the properties of the specific module.

When you right-click in a text module in the editing area, you get more options, including table.

Right click menu


When you select Settings, you enter the module settings.


If you want to work with the way the modules flow, right-click on the module and select flow. The upstream module then ends up on the right or left side, depending on what you choose in the right click menu for flow.



When you right-click on a module you can choose to save a decoration that you set up on a particular module. Here you also get the already existing decorations that you can apply to the module.

To deactivate a decoration, right-click on the module, choose Decoration -> No decoration

No decoration

To work with Decorations requires the permission "Manage decorations".


Deletes the item you selected.

A deleted module is not stored in the Trashcan

This feature requires you to have the permission "Delete" .


Takes you to the general properties of the module. That is, properties such as size, background color, borders, etc. that are not module-specific.

To right-click on a module and make settings, the permission "Manage page layout" is required.

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