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Panels Toolbar on a module

When you right-click on a module, at the bottom you can choose to go to the module's properties.

Right click menu

To access the properties of the module and its toolbars, click the menu selection in the upper left corner, then select toolbars.

Tollbar panel


A toolbar is a field that the visitor chooses to minimise or maximise themselves. They can then control their layout depending on whether they want to see a lot of information or less.

Example toolbar

Two minimized toolbars and one maximized

To set a toolbar, tick the Show toolbar box.

Show toolbar


This setting controls the font of the toolbar heading. The fonts you access are governed by your permissions, as well as the fonts that are set up on your website.

Activate custom heading

Here you can enter a custom toolbar heading. The default is the name of the module or layout.

Custom heading

Use background image

Here you can also add a background image for the heading field of the toolbar. Click the image icon to bring up the image selector and select the background image.

Use backgroud image

Custom style

Here you can add a custom style if, for example, you want to set a background colour on the toolbar using your custom CSS instead.

Allow Resize

If you want the toolbar to drop down or merge, you can enable size changes here.

Allow resize

Minimized icon

Here you select the icon to display at the heading of the toolbar when the bar is minimised. With a minimised view, the toolbar is closed (you see only the heading) and other modules on the page.

Maximized icon

Select the icon maximum from the list. With a maximised view, you only see the content that is in the toolbar. You will not see other modules on the page. This setting is only available on modules, not layouts.

Normal icon

Select the normal icon from the list. A normal view (Reset) displays the toolbar open and other modules on the page.

The icons are visible only in view mode! Maximised icon is only available on modules, not layouts.

If the visitor chooses minimised view and leaves the website, this toolbar will be minimised for the visitor the next time they visit the site. The settings are saved.

Show toolbar minimized as default

Tick the box if you want the toolbar to be minimised the first time a visitor arrives at the page. The visitor can then decide which fields are minimised or maximised.

This function requires you to have a license for Customised views.

The Toolbar panel can be found on the items:

  • Properties for a module
  • Properties for layout
  • Properties for grid/grid row/column
  • Properties for Layout with view

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