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Right click on a module in content area

When you right-click a module in the content box, the following options appear:

Right click in content area


When you select Settings, you enter the module settings.


Copies the item you selected


With the help of cut, you can move an image to another place in your structure. It is also possible to drag and drop the image instead.

Add in layout

Places the module in a vertical or horizontal layout.

Any properties that are set on the module are moved up to the layout. So if, for example, the module has a border, this border will move up to the layout.

To create layouts, the permission "Create layout" is required.


If you want to work with the way the modules flow, right-click on the module and select flow. The upstream module then ends up on the right or left side, depending on what you choose in the right click menu for flow.

Float right


When you right-click on a module you can choose to save a decoration that you set up for a particular module. This applies to all settings that you make when you right-click on a module, such as background color, distance and borders. Here you also get the already saved decorations that you can use on the module.

If you (or any other) earlier saved a decoration that is a blue button, you can choose to use it on a module. Right-click and select Decoration -> Blue button.

Decoration blue button

The result is:

Blue button

To remove a decoration, right-click on the module and choose Decoration -> No decoration

No decoration

To work with Decorations requires the permission "Manage decorations".


Deletes the item you selected.

Modules are not saved in the trashcan but are completely deleted.

This feature requires you to have the "Delete" permission


Renames an object. Finish the change of name by hitting enter to make the change through.


Takes you to the module's properties

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