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Cookie policy

A cookie policy should include

  • a brief description of what cookies are
  • the ability to manage your cookies
  • a list of all cookies

Short description

Fill in a short description on the page of what cookies are and how they are used. Example text:

Cookies are small text files stored on the visitor's computer that can be used to track what the visitor does on the website. A cookie belongs to the domain to which the visitor is surfing, such as

There are two types of cookies:

  1. A permanent cookie remains on the visitor's computer for a fixed period of time.
  2. A session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer's memory while a visitor is on a website. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

Ability to manage your cookies

It is good to be able to access your cookie settings from this page as well. It may happen that you have accepted cookies and the banner is no longer visible. Therefore, it is good to have a link to the settings here.

To solve this, place the Cookie banner module on this page with the setting to "Show as button".

List all cookies

The cookie banner only lists categories of cookies such as essential and analytical cookies. But here you should list all the cookies you have on your website and which cookies are actually in each category.

Necessary cookies

The following essential cookies are included with Sitevision:



What does this



A website based on Sitevision uses the "JSESSIONID" session cookie to identify logged-in users and provide correct permissions. The cookie is created by the Tomcat web server to associate the user with a session.



Set when the user accepts cookies, used to keep track that the user has accepted cookies.


Sitevision Cloud also uses the following essential cookies



What does this



In Sitevision Cloud, the SiteVisionLTM cookie is used. It sets the load balancers to keep track of which underlying server the client should address. (Sitevision)



The cookie is set to keep track of which underlying server/environment the client's traffic is going to.


BBN{8 / 11 hexadecimal characters}


User-specific cookies, which are used by the BOT and WAF function in the shelter.

If you use the secure cookie



What does this

Secure cookie


Secure cookie allows you to enable automatic login for users. The user can choose to save their login so that the session is stored in a secure cookie.

Functional cookies

The following functional cookies are available in Sitevision and you should add them IF you use them:



What does this

Röstning i webbfråga


This cookie is used in the web poll module to avoid double voting.



If anonymous visitors want to save favorites, this permanent cookie is used.

openid connect


This cookie is used to create a smoother login with OpenID Connect. It allows us to try to log in with the same user as last time. Without this cookie, there is a risk that you always have to choose which user in e.g. Google to use for the login.

Analytical cookies in Sitevision

The following analytical cookies are available in Sitevision and you should add them IF you use them:



What does this

Sitevision webbanalys


Used by Sitevision web analytics (Matomo) when you have checked that you want to use cookies or Tag Manager.

Senaste besök eller antal besök


Persistent cookie "sv-uts" that is stored for 1 year with the aim of linking the visitor with the number of visits and last visit* to the website. Used to customize the content of the page to the visitor.

Sitevision webbanalys tag manager


Used by Sitevision web analytics (Matomo) when you have checked that you want to use Tag Manager.

Other cookies

Here you fill in other cookies that you have on your website that do not come from Sitevision.

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