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Public website

If the website is made public, login is not required to read the page. This is the standard setting for a website. This setting is accessed via Website Properties -> Permissions and ticking the box "Page is public".

Page is public

Permissions are inherited from the website, which means that the templates, image archive, and file archive are also public, provided that no one enters and modifies the permissions on those items.

When the website is public, permissions are only required for those users who need to enter the editor in SiteVision.

Public website with page requiring login

For example, if a page under a public website should be permission-controlled - that is login is required to be able to read it, follow these steps:

1. Go to the page that not everyone should be able to read.

2. Select Properties on the page, go to Permissions. Untick "Page is public". Now the page can only be read by logged-in users who have at least read permission on the page.

3. Add the users or groups that will have access to the page and assign them the role they should belong to.

The page is now Permission protected and only authenticated users can access the information. It may then be a good idea to create a public page, with a login module that designates the page that requires login.

If not all users who are listed on the website are to have access to the page, you can untick the inherit permissions box. Next, you add the users who will be able to view the page and assign them the right role.

The page published:

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