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Add permission to user

To add an existing user/group/authenticated user/virtual groups and IP address range, click Add.

Dialog för att lägga till användare

This will take you to a new view where you can access the directories associated with SiteVision. The dialogue you get to has a menu option at the top left, where you can access Users and Groups as well as Authenticated users, Virtual groups and IP address ranges.

Add user


Here you can access the users and groups that are in the directories associated with SiteVision. Here you can select the user or users or groups that will have permission to access the current page or website.

Manage users

Either search for the user or browse for it in the directory.

Search for users

Fill in, for example, first name and click the Search icon. The result is displayed in a list. Select the user you want to add.

Search for users

Ensure that you search in the correct field. The following can be selected:

Search for type

Browse users in the directory

Click the folder icon to open the directory view. Locate the correct folder and the correct user.

Manage users

Authenticated users

If you choose to designate authenticated users, you create a group, "All authenticated users," where all authenticated users are granted access to the website or page that you specified. You can then assign permissions to the group, for example, file and image archive (unless the website is a public).

Authenticated users

Virtual groups

In the Virtual Group dialogue, designate the virtual groups that have been set up before on the website. Virtual groups means users who meet a specified criterion and are used if, for example, you have developed a custom JAAS module where you want to match the login with anything other than LDAP, such as a database. Or that you use CAS or SAML as the login method where authenticated users then can use virtual groups to gain permission.

Virtual groups

IP address range

Gives visitors anonymous read permission when they are within the specified span.

Add IP address range

The IP address login is an additional function in SiteVision CMS and is only displayed if you have a license for it. It is part of SiteVision Portal and Enterprise.

Keep in mind that if all visitors visit via a firewall, this should be set to allow visitors' IP addresses through. Otherwise, SiteVision cannot see where the visitor is visiting from.

If you get to this page via Web archiving, there are two more choices: Anonymous and Extractor.

Options only in Web archiving


A user who is not logged on. This means that only public pages will be included in the web archive.


A user who can see everything. This means that everything on the website will be in the web archive.

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