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Directory services, users, roles and permissions?

How does it relate? Where do I set what? Here is a quick guide to help you understand the concepts.

Directory service

In order for the entire permission management to work, you must have connected a directory service to your website. You make this connection on the server item and under Website settings -> the Directory services panel, you inherit from the directory service that you want to use.

You can have your website in the Cloud but connect it to your own directory service in your organisation, this can be done using SAML. Users are then managed a little differently to what this page describes.


Under Website settings -> the Users panel, you can manage users and groups in the directory service. You can create new and delete users. However, you cannot assign them permissions here.


One of the many advantages of SiteVision is the ability to permission control content and parts of the editor. Permissions are assigned to a user by using roles. A role consists of a number of rights. Under Website settings -> the Roles panel , you can choose which rights and modules different groups should have access to.


Permissions control which users and groups will be associated with the website or page. In addition, this is where you specify the roles that users or groups should belong to. Permissions are available when you select Page properties -> the Security category -> the Permissions panel.


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