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Multi level link - General


Starting point

Use other starting point

Here you set where the multi-level link is to start from if it is different from the entire website.

Custom name for starting point

Here you enter a name for your starting point. Instead of the multi-level link always starting with the website's name (which in this case is Example web), you might want it to appear as "Start page". You then enter "Start page" as the custom name.


Show maximum number of characters

Here you can limit the number of characters if you have deep structures. The starting point is always displayed in full text. If the text becomes limited, the page you are on is displayed first. The level above is indicated by dots.

If part of a sub-page fits within the maximum number of characters, the entire word is displayed.

Only show pages that are visible in menus

Usually, all web pages appear on the website, even those marked "Hide in menus". If you tick this, only visible pages are displayed.

The page published:

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