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Printable version

The printable version is used to create a link/icon to a printer-friendly page. The printer-friendly page only takes the content of the page and removes things that are not of interest for printing such as menus. Select what to display when you create a print template.

When the visitor clicks on the Printable version icon/link, the print template you made is used. If you use the browser's printable version, the entire page prints, it does not take into account the print template.

Printable version

For this to work, you must complete two steps:

1. Create a print template

Create a print template that contains the content areas that are used in the templates. It then removes the information contained in the template and only displays the content that is on the webpage. Read more about this in the Quick guide Templates.

2. Designate a print template to use as the default template on the website

Go to Website settings -> Templates-> Print -> Default template for printing. Here you browse for the print template to be used when printing pages together with the Printable version module. It will then be used for all templates that have no specific print template selected.

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