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Email form - Form

To create a completely new form, go to the Forms tab and add fields.

Add field

Click on the Add field link to add a field (a question).

Add field

A new view then opens, Add field where you can select from different fields. In this case, field type Text is selected.

Add field type

Enter name and select the field type, in this case Text. Other options are optional to complete. Click OK.

A field type takes 100% of the area if you do not enter specifically on each field and set a maximum size (under the Appearance tab)

Add another question

To add another question, click on the plus button - either to the right of the existing question to get a question in the same row, or click on the plus button on the row below to get the question under the existing question.

Another question

If you add a field type to the same row, the area is split into two.

Same row

Two fields on the same row mean that the surface is divided into two

If you set up three field types on the same row, the area is divided into three and so on. You can have a maximum of four fields on the same row.

Tre fält på samma rad

Three fields on the same row mean that the surface is divided into three

If you have four fields on one row, the fields are stacked two by two when the screen area becomes smaller. If you are at the bottom of the area of a phone, the fields are stacked on top of each other.

If you have four fields on a row, the plus button is greyed out and a ToolTip shows "Max. number of fields reached".



If you select a question, three icons appear in the right-hand corner:

  • Edit field - To make an edit to an existing question. For example, correct a typo, add an option or similar.
  • Delete - Delete the selected question.
  • Move field - Moves the selected field. Select the icon and drag and drop the field where you want it in the form.

Field types

There are ten different field types (text, single selection, multiple selection, comments, attachment, e-mail recipient, category, personal data, order, scrip and SPAM protection with Captcha) in the e-mail form.

After you select a field type, settings appear that pertain to that particular question. All question types have three tabs.

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