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Survey is used to perform different types of surveys among site visitors. Surveys can be closed, that is, only certain designated people have the right to respond to the survey, or open where anyone who visits the website can answer the questions. If a questionnaire is closed, the participants must first log in to be able to submit answers.

In Survey, you can use the question types text, single selection, multiple selection, date, category, grade, comments and page break. You can set up messages and invitations as well as alerts. There is a statistics tool that shows the responses received in both quantity and percentage. You can go in and examine a group more closely by showing filters.

The survey is created entirely in SiteVision’s editor while the administration of participants and analysis of the submitted responses is done in online mode. When an administrator has the right to change the page where the survey is located, a tool menu will appear above the survey. The tool menu is used to switch between the various functions available in online mode.

Anyone who has access to edit the web page with a survey also has access to the survey responses. Therefore, make sure that you set the appropriate permissions on the web page.


You can only have one form module per page. If you add multiple form modules, you may get unwanted results in the form of, for example, duplicate replies.

If you copy a form, all responses disappear. I.e. you keep all the questions but the form deletes all answers.

The use of this module requires a Survey license.

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