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Under this tab, you can change the fonts for the form.



Here you can change fonts for

  • Name - the field name
  • Description - if you have chosen to fill in the Description field.
  • Texts - plain text and questions
  • Input - what the visitor enters
  • Error messages — for example, if the visitor forgot to fill in a mandatory field

Use bold font for names

Tick this if you want the names of the questions to appear in bold.


Description alignment

You can select:

  • Below the field
  • Above the field

The location depends on the nature of the description. This setting is only available in the new form manager.

Use background colour

Tick this box to give the web application a light grey background colour.

Background color

Use the new form appearance

If you open a form that has been created in Classic mode or a version earlier than SiteVision 4, this option is at the top where you can choose to use the new form appearance.

Note that in the various e-mail messages, only the new Name field is included. The old Name field and the new Description field are not printed in the e-mail.

If you are using the new appearance, what was in the old "Name" field is moved to "Description" and what was in the "Question" field is moved to "Name". This means that you have to move some things around in your form if you want a similar appearance as before. For example, delete the description and paste it in Name.

Here you can see an example of a form with this checkbox ticked.

The form will no longer be editable in Classic mode if you have ticked this box.

You may need to make some adjustments to the form to make it look good. This means a little extra work to convert to the new form appearance. But in return you get responsive forms and some more setting options.

Classic mode

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