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Create Experiments in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you will need to create an experiment to get an experiment code that lets you track your targets.

In Google Analytics, select Reports-> Experiments. Select the Create experiment button at the top:

Lägg till expriment i GA

Step 1 Select a target

A new window appears where you create a new experiment. Fill in

  • Name - Name of your experiment
  • Experiment target - here you enter your target to measure. There are three website targets to choose right out of the list - rejections, session duration and pageviews. To create your own target, for example, to visit a specific page, click the Create a new target link.
  • Percentage of traffic to be included in the experiment - how many of the website's visitors to include in the experiment. If you do something controversial, this figure might need to be lower. Otherwise, a high number might be sufficient as you then get a faster result. This figure should match the percentage you set in SiteVision.

Click on Next step.

Steg 1 skapa experiment

Step 2 Set up the experiment

A new view is displayed to specify the original webpage and variant 1. Since this is on the same page in SiteVision (we use views), this is of no interest to fill in. You can enter a web address, any. Click on Next step.

Ställ in adresser

Step 3 Set up the experiment code

This displays a script that can be copied or sent to the webmaster. In SiteVision, you do not need to enter this code, you only need to copy the Experiment ID that appears below the box. This ID should be pasted into the A/B test panel. Click on Next step.


Step 4 Check and start

Kontrollera och starta

Here you will receive a warning message if we have not entered the correct URLs. Ignore. Select the Start experiment button. A dialogue box will then appear with information about errors. Click on Yes.

Bekräfta experimentet

A new dialogue will appear confirming that the experiment has been started:

The page published:

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