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Event calendar - Appearance

Set font, colors, and cell widths under Appearance:

Event calendar - Appearance


  • Month/year - font for month/year that is displayed over the calendar.
  • Days - font for days 1-31 in the calendar view.
  • Days of event - font for the days that have events.
  • Monthly link - font for link to previous and next month below the calendar
  • Week number and name of days - font for Mon-Sun and week number.


  • Background color - the color of the background for the entire calendar.
  • Border color - color of the borders.
  • Background color for today's date - background color so that the current date is highlighted in the calendar.
  • Event days background - background color so that days of events are highlighted in the calendar.


Cell width

The size of the cells in the calendar. The default value is 5. You may need to increase this if you want larger cells. These sample images have a size of 35.

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