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Event calendar - General

You can set how the calendar behaves in the General tab:



Here you can set whether the calendar should show a link to old months, week numbers and weekends.

Show link of date months

Tick this to see a link to the already-expired months under the calendar

Link to previous month

Show week numbers

Tick this to show week numbers to the left of the calendar

Visa veckonummer

Show weekend

Tick this if Saturday and Sunday should appear as days in the calendar.

Show weekends

Week starts with

Here you select to start the week in the calendar with Monday or Sunday.

Initial date span

Here you select the time period to display when the visitor has not made any selections in the calendar. If you do not have many events, you may choose to enter the number of days and if you have a lot of events, select the rest of the day.

  • Rest of month - shows the rest of the month. Keep in mind that if it is at the end of a month, there may be no events because this setting only shows the upcoming events for the month.
  • Rest of week - shows the rest of the week.
  • Rest of day - shows the rest of the day.
  • Select number of days - shows the number of days to come. Perhaps the most flexible choice because it handles overlaps of months/weeks/days

Table description

Choose whether or not to use table description text.

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