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Rating - Common



Rating type

Here you can choose between the rating types you have set up on the site. Rating types are set up on Website settings-> Modules-> Rating.

If you have not set your own rating types then there are 5 stars and Thumbs up/down to choose from.

Settings rating types

Settings rating types

Information texts

Thanks message

Here you set the thank you message that appears after voting. The default is Thank you for your response.

Show additional rating information

To see how many stars are in the rating or how many people like it, select this box.

Text with Yes/No

If you want your own text instead of "2 out of 3 like this" then fill in the text here.

Show information texts on own row

If you want the information texts to be on a separate row, select this box. Otherwise, they are on the same row as the rating types.

Information texts on the same row

Information texts on the same row

Information texts on their own row

Information texts on their own row

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