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Web poll - Advanced



Delayed voting (seconds)

This option is a protection against denial of service attacks. This means that the visitor is not allowed to vote within the given interval. The default is 5 seconds. Minimum is 1 second.

Use cookies to avoid double voting

Normally, the Web poll uses session cookies, which means that the visitor can vote again the next time the browser is opened. If you want to make double voting difficult, you can tick this option instead, persistent cookie are then used instead. The Web poll then knows that this visitor has already voted, regardless of whether the visitor opens a new browser. If you tick this option and a visitor has already voted, the options to the question are not displayed as links, i.e. you cannot vote again.

If you do not tick this option, it will still be the case that if the visitor has voted, the options will not be shown as links, i.e. it is not possible to vote again as long if the visitor has the browser open. If the visitor closes the browser and enters again, the visitor can vote again.


You can use scripts to change the appearance of the Web poll. Only used if you are familiar with scripting languages.

 Help with scripts is not included in the support agreement

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