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Add internal directory service

The internal directory service will be phased out during 2018/2019. We recommend that you instead use Web users instead of the internal directory.

An Internal directory service (Apache DS) is always included in an installation of SiteVision. You can enable it and then add users who get edit or read access to a website.

One tip is to use the internal directory service, if you work with external parties and do not want to mix them into your regular directory service.

After you click on Add directory service -> Internal directory service the following view is displayed. All values are prefilled. Do not forget to click Start to start the directory service.

Add internal directory



An internal name to distinguish different directories.


Directory service type

ApacheDS is default.

LDAP Server address

Address of the server you are running towards.

LDAP Serverport


LDAP Proxy user

If LDAP server requires login for searches, this field must be specified. A proxy user is a user who has access to the directory service and can perform searches.

Default is uid=admin, ou=system

LDAP Proxy password

Password for proxy user

Use encryption (SSL)

If you want the directory service traffic to be encrypted, tick this.

This requires directory service settings

Run connection test

Click this button to test the directory service connection. If it goes well, a message appears to the left of the button.


Search base

Where to start searches in the directory service. The default is dc=sitevision,dc=se

Search attribute

At login, the specified attribute is searched. The default is "cn", which is normally the username.

Search base test

Click the button to verify that the search base is working. If successful, a confirmation appears to the left of the button.


For more settings on the directory service, go to the Advanced tab.

Because of restrictions in the internal directory, you cannot move users in SiteVision that are in the internal directory.

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