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Add criteria

After you click Add criteria, a new view opens where you enter the name and criteria type of the rule.

A criterion is a prerequisite to be met in order for a particular view to appear.

  • Name -  Enter a name for the criteria. A rule can consist of several criteria. Remember this when you name your criteria.
  • Criteria type - To select a criteria type, click the Criteria type link: Metadata or the arrow in front. A list of available criteria types then appears.

Select a criteria type from the list. You will get different settings depending on the type you selected. Below we list all the different types of criteria:

Criteria type Metadata

Here you can select a metadata that contains/is equal to/less than/greater than the value you enter.

In the example below, the "Start for menu" metadata should be equal to "Economy" for a view to appear.

Kriterie: metadata

Criteria type Page language

 Here you select the language that will match the language of the page for a criterion to be met.  


Criteria type Web browser language

Here you select the language that will match the browser language for a criterion to be met.


Criteria type IP address range

Allows you to specify a criterion where the user comes from a specific IP address range.

Skärmdump på IP-adressområde

Criteria type Login

 Here you can specify a criterion where the visitor must be logged in.


Criteria type User

Here you appoint a user, folder, or group in the directory to which the view will apply. Click the user icon on the right to appoint the relevant user/folder/group. 

Skärmdump på katalogobjekt

Criterion type Virtual group

Here you can select a virtual group for which the view will apply. All virtual groups available on the website appear in a list.

Skärmdump på virtuell grupp

Criteria type User attributes

Here you can appoint a specific attribute to which the view is to apply. For example, if you want the profile to apply to all managers, enter the Attribute name title and Attribute value manager. Click OK.

Skärmdump på användarattribut

For this to work, the user must have a value entered in the directory service. You can also specify a custom attribute that is in your directory service.

Criteria type User field

This criterion is linked to Social Collaboration, which must be enabled on the website to enable you to select user fields.


Criteria type Sessions attributes

Here you can select a sessions attribute, for example, if you want to use a value that is in the visitor's session. These values can for example, be set via scripts or custom portlets.

Skärmdump på sessionskriterie

Criteria type User agent

 With this criterion you can check if the visitor enters with a mobile device.


Criteria type Referrer

A referrer is a header that explains where the visitor came from. So if someone clicks on a link that goes to your page, you can find out where they came from.

If the visitor clicks a shared post on Facebook, the referrer will contain Facebook.


Criteria type Referrer parameter

A referrer parameter enables you to use the parameters in the referrer header.

If a visitor clicked on, you can create a criterion based on banner = mail.

Referer parameter

Our search modules use Ajax-based searches. Searches that are to show their results on the same page that the search is made are made using Ajax. Such searches are done without changing the parameters of the page. Therefore, a referrer criterion will not find such searches. However, if a search result is to be presented on another page, the page is called with a parameter and can be found by a referrer criterion. If the visitor has disabled JavaScript in their browser, parameters are always sent.

Criteria type Last visit

If the visitor has not visited the website for, say a week, a view can be displayed to them.

Senaste besök

Criteria type URL parameter

A URL parameter enables you to use the parameters in the URL. For example, campaign ID.


Criteria type JavaScript

Here you can enter a script to check that something is met, such as whether the user is logged in or if the user does not have an e-mail address in the directory service. It is the result variable that has to be set to true or false.

Skärmdump på Skriptkriterie

Criteria type Number of visits

If the visitor has visit the website X times a view can be displayed to them.

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