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Add rule

Here you add rules that will be associated with the target groups that are available on the website. These rules are the ones that determine which view to display.

If you used user profiles in SiteVision 3, these have been converted to rules in SiteVision 4. If you had made metadata, languages, and JavaScript criteria, these remain on the templates. You will not see these views under this icon, only in the template.

The criteria are evaluated in the order in which they are listed. At the top are target groups, then rules, then local template settings (old criteria).



Enter a name for the rule.

View in menu

Displays the view under the Custom content icon in the toolbar. It is only when you select View in the menu that the rule can be associated with the view. Therefore, if you have made some rules for prototypes only, you do not need to view them in the menu or if the rule is only meant to be used for a target group.


Here you can see the criteria set for a rule. If criteria already exist, they appear in the list. If you select a criterion, icons appear on the right to change (then Add criteria view is displayed), delete or move.

Lista över kriterier

Click on Add criteria to add a criterion.

The order in the list is important! If there are customisations on the same layout where you meet multiple rules, the customisation for the first rule in the list that you meet will apply. Note that target groups always go before individual rules.

All criteria must be met

Tick this box if you use several criteria in a rule and require that all criteria be met. If you do not tick this, it is sufficient for one of the criteria to be met.

If your rule only has one criterion, you do not have to worry about this setting as this criterion must then be met.

Evaluate for every page view

This box checks if the rule and its criteria are met, either the first time you access the website or every time you visit a page.

Example when evaluating

If the rule is based on values that can be changed if you visit different pages or reload the same page, this box must be ticked. For example, for criteria of the page language and metadata values

Example when not evaluating

If the rule is based on an initial value that you for example receive via a parameter in the URL and that you want to keep for the entire session on the website, leave the box unticked. Therefore, when you visit the next page, this rule will apply if there is no other rule above in the list that is evaluated at each page view.

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