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Survey - Survey


General description of the survey


The name of the survey


The name of the person/organisation responsible for the investigation.

Administrator e-mail address

The e-mail address of the person responsible for the survey. In cases where the survey is closed, this address will be used to enable participants to contact the survey management in order to get answers to any questions. The address will also appear as the sender of the invitations and reminders sent to the participants. For this functionality to work, it is therefore of utmost importance that the address given is valid.

Limit time period for responding to this survey

Setting to make the survey time-controlled so that answers can only be submitted at a specific interval. Click on the calendar icon to display a calendar from where you can select relevant dates. Click on the clock icon to select a time from a list.

Determine the type of survey

Public survey. All visitors may participate

Makes the survey open to all visitors to the website, which means that no login is required to participate in the survey.

Closed survey. Only registered participants may respond

The survey is closed, only invited participants will be able to respond to the survey. In Online mode you manage which participants can take part in the survey, under the Participants tabs.

Invited participants can only participate in the survey once. If they try to participate again, they will be greeted by the text "You have already participated in this survey. You can only participate once in the survey.".

Administrator can match responses to participants

If this setting is enabled, the administrator of the survey will to be able to see which participant provided the response. This means that the survey is not anonymous. If this box is disabled, the survey will be completely anonymous, which means that the investigating management cannot see which participant has responded. They can only see whether the participants have responded or not.

Type of survey

If the survey is anonymous, that is, if this box is not ticked, the administrator can see information about whether the survey has been completed or not online:

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