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A timeline is where posts are presented. What you can see depends on where the timeline is and how it is set. There are three types of timeline; Timeline for user, Timeline for group, and Timeline for tag.

The modules are used to show that the timeline is Timeline och Timeline for tag.

Timeline for user

Each user can have two timelines that work in different ways.

Personal timeline

Your personal timeline contains your own posts. You can usually see this timeline on your and your contacts ' profile pages.

Composite timeline

The composite timeline is often found on the home page. The timeline is personal and each user has their own composite flow. In the composite timeline, you can see your own posts, posts from groups of which you are a member, and posts from your contacts.

Timeline for group

Each group has a timeline that contains posts that are written in the group. The timeline appears on the group's page.

Read more about groups in Social Collaboration.

Timeline for labels

Each label has a timeline that contains all posts and comments (except from closed groups) that are "tagged" with the label. If you click on a label in a post or comment, the label's timeline appears. A label is marked with a hashtag (#) in front of the word.

These modules require the Social Collaboration license.

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