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File sharing - Select folder

With the file sharing module, you can designate a folder in the file archive that publishes all files that are added to that folder. With the module, those with permission can upload files directly to the page and delete files without going into the editor.

Under Folder selection select the folder of files that you want to appear in file sharing. Designate the folder and click OK. You can now choose to upload files in this folder here in the File sharing module, in the file archive or online (if you set that file upload is permitted). Everything you or someone else (who has permission in the folder) adds to this folder is displayed directly on the webpage that contains the file sharing module. There is therefore no need for publication. The file is shown as soon as it is in the folder in the file archive.

File sharing - choose folder

Access control

Remember to apply access control to the folders in the file archive used by the filesharing module because all the files that are added to the folder are published immediately. To be able to upload files, Write and Publish permissions are required for the designated folder in the file archive. Deleting files requires Write and Delete permissions for the designated folder in the file archive.

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