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Icons for folder

With the file sharing module, you can designate a folder in the file archive that publishes all files that are added to that folder. With the module, those with permission can upload files directly to the page and delete files without going into the editor.

Under Folder selection select the folder of files that you want to appear in file sharing. Designate the folder and click OK. You can now choose to upload files in this folder here in the File sharing module, in the file archive or online (if you set that file upload is permitted). Everything you or someone else (who has permission in the folder) adds to this folder is displayed directly on the webpage that contains the file sharing module. There is therefore no need for publication. The file is shown as soon as it is in the folder in the file archive.

File structure on the left

Fildelning - Mappval

You can search for files in the file archive. Type in the search box to start searching. Select the hit from the list that you want to use.


Ikoner fildelning
  1. Create folder
    To create a folder in the selected location in the structure, you can click on the folder icon or right click on a folder and select "Create folder".
  2. Rename
    You can rename a folder or file by selecting it and then clicking the pencil icon or right-clicking and selecting "Rename".
  3. Delete
    To delete a folder or file, select it and click the X icon or right-click the folder/image and select "Delete".

Files on the page or file archive

There are two archives that appear on the left:

1. Files on page

These files can only be used on the current page. That is, no other webpage reaches these files. If you delete the page, the files will also disappear.

2. File archive

The file archive is common to the entire site. Folders are used to structure the file archive. You can also use subfolders to structure the files. 

There is a central setting, under Website settings -> Advanced Settings where you can turn off "Page files".

Content pane on the right


The content pane on the right shows the contents of a selected folder, or information about a selected file.


You can navigate the structure by using the top link path. Click a folder to open the folder underneath. If you click the icon before the folder name, a menu drops down for quick navigation in that folder's contents.

Upload file

To upload a file, select the folder in the structure where you want to save the file, and then click "Upload file". A dialogue box will open where you can search for the file you want to upload. You can also select multiple files and upload them at the same time.

File information

When a file is selected in the structure, you will see information about the file's name, file size, MIME type, last modified date, when the file was uploaded, and by who. You can also preview the file by clicking on the eye to the right of the file name. How the file is opened for preview depends on the file extension of the file.


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