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Web map - Common


Starting point

Here you choose where you want to display the web map from.

  • Current page - If you only want to display the web map from the page where the web map is located, select this option.
  • Custom starting point - Select a starting point where the web map should be displayed from. For example, if you designate the start page, the entire website appears in the web map.
  • From metadata - If you want to control what is displayed in the web map with metadata, select metadata fields here. It is OK to select metadata fields of the Link type.

Start page

Show start page

Here you choose whether or not to display the start page in the web map. If you choose to show the start page, the name of the starting point is displayed. In this example, the starting point is Products.

With option "Show startpage"

Use custom name for start page

Here you enter a name for your start page. On the condition that you have ticked "Show start page".



Show number of levels

Here you can set the number of levels to display in the web map. The default setting is 3 levels.

Show archives

Tick this box to show articles in the web map.

Show folders

Tick this box to show folders and contents in the web map.

Show items that are hidden in menus

Sometimes you may choose to hide certain pages in menus. But you might want these pages to be visible in the web map. If so, tick this box.

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