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Template area

In SiteVision, you can build on existing templates. However, in the new template, you cannot change all the areas in the template, only the areas that are marked as a template area. A template area is a defined area where the editor/administrator may continue to develop the template.

If a template does not have a template area, you cannot base other templates on it.

To indicate that a particular area is a template area, convert an area to a template area. This area must always be in a layout (in responsive templates, they can also be in a grid row or column). Right-click on the layout and select "Convert to content area".

Convert to template area

A new view is displayed where there is a template area by default: Template area, You can use this or create a new template area by clicking the Create new link. A new view will appear where you can fill in a name for the new template area.

You cannot use the same template area multiple times on a single template.

Add template area

The template area is shown with the following icon:

template area right

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