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Link list - Restrictions

Link list - Restrictions 


Limit the number of visible articles

The number of articles to be displayed, regardless of whether there are more in the archive. The default value is 10 articles.

Skip initial articles

If the module is not to be displayed from the latest article, but perhaps the next latest, because the last one gets a "bigger" place in another module.


Here you can set whether you want to filter the articles and, for example, only show the articles that contain golf. If you click Add filter, a new view opens:

Link list - filter

Get from

Here you can choose whether you want to filter on a value from the Title, Description, and so on (all values under content).


Then, select the restriction that is, what you want to filter on. There is contains, does not contain, equal to and not equal to.


Then, fill in a value to be met for the filtering to be displayed.


Show a message when there are no articles to display

If you do not have any articles to view, you can choose to display a message instead of showing nothing. The default message is "No articles to display".


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