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Link list - Sorting

Here you can set up sorting or choose to allow visitors to sort by different options.

Link list - sorting

Sorting articles

By default, articles are sorted by their date of publication (ascending).

Advanced sorting

Here you can change to descending by unticking the Sort in ascending order box. Otherwise, you can choose to sort by any other metadata that is set up on the site. This metadata is displayed in a list when you click the Add elements to sort by link.

To sort on a date-metadata and to display the latest date at the top of the list, you can tick the Sort in ascending order box.

Visitors can select sorting order

Here you can add elements that the visitor can sort from. For example, you can add Heading and Date so that the visitor can choose to sort the articles based on either of these two choices.

Tick the Visitors can select sorting order box to see more settings:

settings for visitors 

Sort order font

Selects the font to use for the sort order. The sort order appears above the articles.

Margin below sort order

Here you set the distance between the sorting order and the articles. Default is 1.2em.

Add element to sort by

To add a sort element, click the link Add element to sort by. A new view is displayed.

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