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Tag cloud results - Selection



Show tags from

Here you designate the place where the metadata field is set (for example, on the site, a branch or an archive) or where it is used (if you use the metadata template Keywords).

Click on the Add button to add a page/folder/archive.

Tags can only be of type single selection metadata, multiple selection metadata, or keywords. 

Metadata fields

Click the Add button to choose from the metadata fields that are created on the starting point you designated under Show tags from.  

A list is shown with the metadata fields to choose from.

If you do not see the metadata for tags you intended to use in the list, you may have designated the wrong place under Show tags from or not set the metadata field correctly.

 The following restrictions/settings apply to the metadata field:

  • The metadata field must be the Single selection, Multiple selection, or keyword type
  • Some settings on the metadata field

Time interval

Only show pages with new tag values

Tick this checkbox if you only want to see the current pages.

Specified time span

Setting to limit how far back in time tags are to be counted. This way you get an overview of which tags are relevant right now. The default setting is 30 days.

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