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Tag cloud results - Results

Here you can set how the results of the tag cloud are shown.

Tag cloud results

Heading hit 

Show hit numbering

Tick this if you want numbered hits.


Get value from

Get value from the title field or name field

Content hit

Show search hits extract

Tick this if you want to see the hits extract.

Max number of characters

The number of characters to show in the hit extract. Default is 250 characters.

Show time and size

Tick this box to view the time and size of each hit.

Show path

To view the path under each hit, tick this box and choose which style sheet to show it with.



Pagination of search hits on multiple pages

Tick this box if you want to distribute the hits on multiple pages.


You can then choose where to show the paging:

  • Show paging above
  • Show paging below
  • Show paging above and below

Hits per page

Here you can set the number of hits to show per page. For example, if you set 10 hits, 10 hits will appear and then link to other pages with hits.


Error messages

Show error messages

Tick this box to view error messages. If you do not get any hits from your search, an error message and search tip appear. Otherwise, nothing appears.

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