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Tag cloud results - Advanced



Use custom sort order for hits

Tick this box and click the Add link to add a sort order field. A new one appears where you can select fields - a sortable (a field that is not analysed and does not have more values) field that is in the search index. For example, "name" or "title”, and specify whether the result is displayed in ascending or descending order.

Example: To sort by the last date of publication, enter the field name lastpublished and select Descending sort order.


Here are templates where you can control the appearance of the listing, if you can manage scripting languages.

 Help with scripts is not included in the support agreement.

Use custom template for the structure of sub-templates

You can change this template to change how the tag cloud result is built. That is, if you want to change the order of how things are presented.

Use custom template for hits

This template changes whether you want to affect the appearance of how the results of the tags are presented. For example, to add more information from a metadata fields.

Use custom template for paginating hits

Change this template if you want to affect the display of paging.

Use custom template for error messages

Change this template if you want to affect how error messages are displayed.

Further information for developers (English only)

The code in the custom templates for this module uses SiteVision’s public API
Available elements in the custom template

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