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Add virtual group

Following fields are showing after clicking on the Add virtual group link:

Virtual group


Give the group a readable name for editorial use.


This can be the value of a group attribute from the external user directory. It could also be a name or a search base. When SAML or OpenID Connect is used as login method the identifier must be an exact match of the value coming from the group-attribute ticket.


Short description for documentation. Not mandatory.


Assign membership based on criterion

Check the box "Assign membership based on criterion" if you want the virtual group to be based on users meeting certain criterons. You can now add a directory criterion, address criterion and/or attribute criterion.

criteria image


Use this section to manually add members to the virtual group. For example, if you create a virtual group for those who log in with SAML or have the manager attribute, you can add members here who do not log in with SAML, like directory users, or people who do not yet have the attribute manager to make them part of the group.

Only manually added members of the virtual group are listed here. Users who meet any of the criterias or, for example, get their membership via their SAML-ticket is not going to show in this list.

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