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The User Panel

Under the Users panel, you can manage users and groups in the directory service as well as web users. You can create new and delete users. However, you cannot assign them permissions here — you do this under Permissions.

When you get to this panel, you can either search for a directory item or browse to it in the structure. You can also create a new web user.


Search for users

Here you can search for users in the directory service. Searches are not case sensitive, i.e. no difference is made between uppercase or lowercase letters.

You can search in different ways:

  • Name - Searches for first name, last name and group name
  • Username
  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address
  • Custom query


Enter the name you are looking for, for example Malin, and a search is made on Malin. A wildcard search can be made in the Name field without typing * after the keyword.

Sök efter användare


You can now search by username in the Username field. However, if you enter a star (*) after the beginning of the name Ma * a search is made for everything starting with Ma.

Sök användarnamn

First name

Enter the first name you are searching for in the input field. For example, if you enter Lars a search is only made on the first name Lars.

Sök förnamn

Last name

Enter the last name you are searching for in the input field. For example, if you enter Olsson a search is only made on the last name Olsson.

Sök förnamn

E-mail address

Enter the e-mail address you are searching for in the input field. For example, if you enter a search is only made on this e-mail address. However, if you enter a star (*) before @, a search is made for all e-mail addresses ending with

Sök på e-postadress

Custom query

Here you can enter your own search query that searches for any attribute in the directory. Enter the search query within brackets. For example, if you want to find everyone with a manager title in the directory service, type (title=manager).

Egen sökfråga

Note that you should be careful with uppercase and lowercase letters. If you know that there are more managers, you can always search for (title=manager*) and search for everything that starts with manager.

Search for a folder in the directory here under custom search query by typing (ou=folder name).

Browse the directory

Click the folder icon to search for a user by browsing the tree structure of the directory service. Click on the arrow in front of a folder to open the contents of the folder.


Create web users

Click on the plus button to add a new web user.


A web user will be created locally in SiteVision and accompany the database. A web user is a so-called simpleuser (the same as a SAML user) and does not need to be stored in a directory service.

Login details

Enter the username for the web user. If you want the user to be allowed to log in with a password, tick this box and enter the password.

The password is saved as SHA-256 hash values.

Skapa webbanvändare


Here you enter information such as name, surname, e-mail address, title, phone, mobile and possibly a description of the user.

These web users are not graphically visible in the structure (like directory objects), but they can be searched. You can then right-click on the username and select Properties to edit the web user's data or password.

Söka efter webbanvändare

This function requires you to have "Manage users" permission

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