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Add criteria

Here you can add a directory criteria, address criteria or attribute criteria for a virtual group.


Select Criteria type: Attribute at the top of the dropdown list.

Here you can specify which attribute a virtual group should apply to. For example, if you want the virtual group to apply to all managers, enter Name (title) andValue (Manager).

Lägg till attributkriterie


Select Criteria type: Users at the top of the dropdown list.

Then click the person icon to appoint a folder or group in the directory for which the virtual group will apply.

Lägg till katalogkriterie

The following attributes can be filled in as names:
◦ name
◦ mail
◦ givenName
◦ sn
◦ title
◦ description
◦ telephoneNumber

For this to work, it is required that this information is stored on the user in the directory service.

IP address range

This function is only avaliable in versions older than Sitevision 10.

Select Criteria type: IP address range at the top of the dropdown list.

Allows you to specify a criterion where the user comes from a specific IP address range. Enter the first and last IP address to which the virtual group will apply.

Lägg till Ip-adresskriterie

Control flag

There is a control flag setting for all three options.

  • Sufficient - A "or-requirement" where one or the other criterion is met (OR)
  • Required - A "and-requirement" requiring both criteria to be met (AND)

If you just add one criterion, you do not have to worry about the control flag, as it requires this requirement to be met.

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