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Metadata is information about the page you are on. This can range from information about who created the page and when, to who is responsible for the page and links associated with the page. When adding a new metadata field, you need to make settings for the metadata field.

In the Advanced tab, set up technical information about the metadata field. You can, among other things, give the metadata field a unique identifier, choose whether the metadata field and its metadata value are to be indexed, and control how the inheritance of the metadata value is to work.


Technical information


Enter a unique character combination to identify the metadata field. Here you should avoid using å-ö, whitespace and special characters.

Show the field in the page's source code

If you want to print the metadata value in the page's source code to provide more information about the page, tick the box Show the field in the page's source code.

Index the field in the search engine

The Index the field in the search engine check box means that the metadata value filled in for the metadata field will be indexed for searches.


The metadata values can be inherited downwards in the structure. If you want to inherit the metadata value specified in which the metadata field is set, select the Inherit value automatically option.

Do not inherit value automatically means that the user must fill in a new metadata value for each page.

If you select the Inheritance not possible option, a unique metadata value must be specified on each page, and it is not possible to get a value from an underlying page in any way.

This function requires "Manage metadata field" permission

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